Nylon chlorate resistance color fixing agent LSF-603

Nylon chlorate resistance color fixing agent LSF-603

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Product Description

Nylon chlorate resistance color fixing agent LSF-603

Product advantages:
  • Enhance gold dyes and acid dyes, dyeing of protein fiber and fabric and polyamine fiber water resistant, resistant to wet fastness to washing and so on.
  • Significantly improved washing firmness of nylon dyeing material, will not be on the light fastness and fade resistance to chlorine change have a negative impact, resistance to chlorine water became fade up to 100 PPM.
  • There will not be contaminated after fixing agent to handle the concerns of adhesion.
  • With non-ionic and anionic surfactant and won't respond.
  • Printed material use LSF-603 after steaming processing, can make the white part to avoid contamination by dye.

Product characteristics:








Can dissolve in any proportion of the water

Dosage of reference:

Usage: together with kinds of dyes and the dyeing depth and appropriate increase or decrease.

  • Light to medium 0.5 ~ 1.5%
  • medium to dark 1.5 ~ 2.5%

The fixing bath in 1.5 ~ 2.5% O.W.F, if PH between 4.5+0.3 mm is not required and acetic acid PH adjustment.

  • DS - 5188 usage in 1% O.W.F, need to add a small amount of acetic acid or formic acid to adjust PH to 4.5 + / - 0.3
  • Solid color temperature of 70 ~ 85 , 85 is the best solid color temperature)
  • The fixation time 20 ~ 30 min

Solid color to avoid high depth of acid, direct contact with fixing agent in solid stains, agglutination occurred when used within individual dilution put in vats.

The removal methods of color fixing agent: fabric after dyed with acid dyes, acidic fixing agent treatment can improve the wet fastness, in pursuit of rationalization engineering at present, short-time working, so after finishing, final inspection found that dyed flowers, specking, wrong color abnormal phenomenon, must peel color again heavy dye, reason is indispensable for the removal of fixing agent of the project.

Different acid fixing agent, the stripping method is also different, removal of LSF-603, for example:

  • Color fixing agent: 1 ~ 2 g/l (special dispersing agent)
  • PH: 10.5 (Na2Co3 2.5 g/l)
  • Bath ratio: 1:10 ~ 1:
  • 85 ~ 90 for 30 min
  • Hot wash: 50 ~ 60 , 10 min
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